Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wild Goose Chase....

All that has led up to shortly before today, August 28 2010 (last two months or so), turns out
to have been a wild goose chase, more so than not. Looks like what's "out around" has mostly
been giving me the run-a-round. Nothing I've been going on about has materialized or is
expected to. The over-all view and what's been related to myself is the way things are seen.

What's been going on has been seen in the raised eyebrow of: paranoid, shizophrenic for the
most part. Earlier in 2010 came across - megalomaniac to describe recognized state of mind.
A few days ago - "confabulation", is another word useable to describe (false memories).

For sure, I do not see this as being "self-induced" anyhow. However, I do see it all as having
been induced from "out-around" somewhere and somehow (unknown).

The main reason that I am aware of for it is: whatever is out-around wanted to be able to get
at - things to do with one able to be in the first place. To alter/manipulate the state of anyone
being. To have you be, in their control. They appear to do this by being in foreign control of
ones' self. Instead of me there in myself, they are.

Considering the haplessness of one being able to manage for itself (every which way but loose):
it appears that the problems they are having to make good on their efforts, is at their end.
Seemingly, they can't get things worked out the way they want. Able to cater to themselves in
such way about stuff, to no wits end. From their unable to make good on their efforts, I will
see the light of day - afterwards. They want me to have it in for myself. Result-wise.

Prior to of real late here, I was thinking my "conscious" awareness was more in my favour.
Now, I think my "conscious" awareness of things, was not really of any use to me. Consciously,
I appear to be - out of the picture. They are simply "galavanting" all around to I'm nowhere.
They have it all over me to I am not anywhere. The conscious self, is more nullified than not.
Seems to be all them, failing to get what they want. Consciously, as I am, is how I be though.

Looks like they can't get the result that they want. Failing from at their end. Nothing to do with
anything between in my favour, otherwise.

They wanted to be - free and easy of - further ado. They failed to get it all worked out to
themselves so. No thanks to anything at the own end, up front. Underlying probably.
But not up front. They are in control more so than not. Prior to whatever the result be.

Consciously, is where I am and there is - how I will be. Prior to the "result", I am and so it
turns out, have been, completely out of the picture as a factor in it all.

Simply, I have been given the run-a-round. This lifetime appears to be a write-off. However,
the next lifetime is near at hand. Not yet started though. Is expected to be the outcome though.

Confabulated, false memories induced in me by them, appears to be the most likely explaina-
tion. Not really false memories BUT scenarios instead. They simply have me thinking, what
they want me to think. Caught up in - above and beyond - away from me in the now.

Whatever self-control of myself, that I've thought that I had, turns out to be an "illusion".
However, so I am is how I am. Presently, as is, is me.

What things are "really" going to be like - remains to be seen.

Of course, I have it all "somehow"(?).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Original Concept of "Being"

This would be in accordance with my perception of...

Where or What existence (as we "get" to know it), actually is by.
Quite plausible that we are "never" going to know. As far as we go
though, it's all there to "become", as we go on being. We will
either live on or go extinct, in the light or dark, of it. We don't have
to be in the dark, to go extinct. We don't have to be in the light,
to live on. We do have to keep our act together as we live on.
We don't have to be "somehow" in particular, to be. "However" it is
that we go on being, will be to our benefit or lead to our undoing.
We don't have to have it, "however" you could call right. Whether or
not we live and learn to our benefit in being depends on what becomes
of it all as we all live out our lives, as we see to do so "ourselves".
"How" we actually turn out to be, depends on "external" factors as well
as "ourselves". We mix it all together, as we go on and become anyhow.

"Whatever" is there that has made it possible for us to be, has no real
"interest" in us as we "become", as far as between it and us goes.
We are not "really" destined to "interact" together. We can simply live
on and become "who knows what" or we can simply go extinct trying.

As far as "original concept" goes: anything and everything could be, what
does become simply has to manage on its' own to go on becoming. As long
as we manage to be, we'll be what is. When we no longer manage to be,
we'll not be what is, anymore. As long as what we become can manage to be,
it'll be. Failing to manage to be whatever we have become, we'll fall apart.

Can see everything in us and can see everything out of us.

Seeing everything inside and outside of us, does not make us, "what's"
there as far as things being goes. However, lots of "beings" around,
set themselves up in such "light". It's not in us that it be so, though.
The best we can do is support ourselves in being as we go on being.
We'll either develop a well-rounded way of everything being that we
and everything can live with or we'll oppress everything in sight to
bend to our will of what be or however in between.

Everything comes down to "self-existing" in ourselves. This does not
make us "creators" of what be though. Many develop like that however.
They will want to keep others from becoming self-existent.

It's not in us to become "creators" of what be. There is no "we" can
see it all together in ourselves or outside of ourselves, to become so.
It's not in "life" as we become. It's not in any of us, to become so.
There is no one of us, that will ever become so. However, many will
set themselves up as being so. Simply because we can see everything
in ourselves and see everything out of ourselves. And so we become.

can all become however we see to become. We have to manage to be,
however it is that we see to go on being. There is no something in
particular that has to be. What be will have to manage to be. We can
die trying. We in particular don't ever have to be. We could though.
But we don't even have to. There is no, we have to be. We could though.

It's possible
that whatever has existence there for us to become from: has it like,
it's some kind of amusement to it, to be entertained by our efforts to be,
from it's all there for us to be able to be. Similar to the movie makers in
our time making movies for our entertainment. We can watch the movies
like episodes in life to ourselves. What be in "real" life, can be real or
imaginary just like in the movies. According to life as it now is: beings out
there are cultivating us to be for whatever they would harvest from being.
We could become "units" that they use somehow in thier "existences".
This would be by those out there already from before we came to be ourselves.
There appears to be "survivors" of a more "natural" way of being ourselves,
around still, but the "powers" that be, are well away from thier surviving.
This lifetime has it at: we are currently reduced to our "conscious levels",
to survive from for us "new-be's" to become in it all for ourselves. We are
up against it. Lots of people around want to lay down, roll over and play dead.

There's some kind of "psychological" way that everything is able to be.

Key Issue

Good chance we are all had by established "out around" from early on.
They are above and beyond us from our first born days. They seem to
be more than our "naturally" able to be selves can handle. They also
seem to be too much for "where-ever" we are rooted in to handle also.
This is from "what" goes on in the outside world. Man-able area.
Obviously things to do with "Nature" get delved into by knowie-be's.
They seem to have the upper hand up-front but that is probably only
in relation to our "direct" conscious selves at our outwheres.
Throughout every stage of our development. Consciously here in the
outside world is not our only point of be in ourselves BUT it is the
only point of be we have in the world around in which we live.
Because of outside world around able to meddle with us, we all go our
seperate ways of our other points of be in our "one" whole where.
We also go seperate of one another all around us. "Out around" sets
us at odds with one another as well, to keep us apart, instead of
getting our act together with everything in being anymore.
There's a lot more to everything "being" than merely mentioning
things covers anything to any extent.

Only a few of us get wind of "what" currently is.
Chances are it's not because "us few" have anything going for us.
We are pretty-much at the "mercy" of established "out around".
They run us around in ourselves to no wits' end.

Most likely we do not really get wind of anything ourselves just
like everyone else in our lifetime.

We are all covered "above and beyond" ourselves to the point where
established "out around" cranks us out every which way but lose.

The few of us that do get wind of things "the way it really is" is most
likely by "out arounds" design. Not likely something ourselves
latently resistant to "out around".

We probably all go blindly along without ever being any the wiser.
"Out around" has us covered to such extent.

"Out around" only MAKES a few of us kick up. They want to make
inroads into our being as we be. They want to be in control of us.
Looks like they can make us do whatever they want us to.
We are most likely none the wiser through it all, like everyone else.
We say what they want us to. We do what they want us to. We have
no control over ourselves that we exert ourselves around by. We are
led every which way but lose. "Out around" is having a field day with us.

Established "out around" takes us all from real early on in we be.
They "ping" us all about to thier overall "lifetime" existence of things.
We are effectively all kept grouped together from thier holds over us.

Established "out around"
only vulnerability appears to be "live, on the fly". Looks like they can't
handle the outside world the "live, going on way".

However, from above and beyond, they CAN file it all away and not be
bothered with anything going on "upfront" away from thier objectives.

The few of us are only there because we are the "guinea pigs" for them
to make thier inroads with us to accomplish thier objectives. They lead
us to where "they" want us to go. We become known as paranoids,
schizophrenics and megalomaniacs and whatever other labels put on us.

Outright the few of us are probably had just like everyone else. They just
give the few of us a more particular part to play in what's going on.
"Out around" cannot handle our scenarios "live on the fly" in what be.
Most likely this is not because of the few of us. Chances are it's all
established "out around" unable to compute different of us be. They carry
on like everything is "out of hand" but most likely they have a real good
handle on everything. They want to be different of us "being" from
ourselves so we don't get about and be counted in everything that is.
For the most part "naturally" able to be in the outside world around,
is on its' last legs as far as ourselves in the outside world around goes.
However, our "conscious selves" is a stumbling block to them. So far.
We are left with nothing but in our selves "consciously" to deal with it.
"Out around" has no problem with olders about seen to no be able
to deal with things as they go on in out there are. "Out around" is
simply making "mince-meat" of us, all our days. In "lifetimes" had.
The "few of us" is what "out around" botches up as far as all around goes.
It's all in the "name" of "out arounds" cause NOT ours. We are duped.

Our conscious selves
is where "out around" is vulnerable from.

However, "out around" can simply file it all away from us, and carry on
to accomplish its' desired end result. Discarding the few of us behind.
Leaving us to waste away if we do. We don't have it that way upfront,
but the long term expectations for us, according to them, is that we
won't pan out and will become, our own worst enemies. Chances are
they are just "laying" in wait for us, as we go on.

in the first place has it at, we either manage to be from on our own OR
we don't. There is no "special" attachment to us being, in the first place.
The "lifetimes" around all go on like there is "something" to us be BUT
there isn't.

Unknown what the "original" intent is behind "life" is able to be.
It all comes down to we "could" self-exist in ourselves and go on being
"whatever" us and ours amounts to BUT we will have to manage on our
own OR we will simply luck out in "life". There is no connection to we be
AND how it is that we be in the first place.

For the most part we are "reproduced" by ones that already are about.

Lifetimes according to this one NOW have it at that we are physically
reproduced. Whatever our "psychological" make-up is in us, IS
imparted to us from our physical way of being reproduced.

we were reproduced "phychologically". Psycho-be's led the way.
Getting about in such way has been attributed to the "mind" plays
strange tricks on us.

Dealing with things to do with us be in our "heads". We either keep
our lids on OR our lids come off. We can either keep things
"neat and tidy" in ourselves OR failing to, everything gets tangled up.
We either manage on our way OR on our way is managed without us.

Everything outside of us, we can see in ourselves. Everything inside
of us, we can see outside of ourselves.

out there already are, from time immemorial, are standing off to each
other away from any semblance of "originally" being. As far as this
side of things go. They have no "interest" in being "at one" anymore.
They are "content" with being able to be as they are without "what"
would be otherwise.

The "new-be's" start out from, to naturalize in themselves as they are.
"Out around" is not able to "hold" things together in relation to us.
We tend to make things "topple" around us if we go on our "natural"
course. "Out around" is now able to keep us out of being. They are
whittling away at our "natural" states, however. They want to control us.
They don't want to be bothered with our "natural course" of being.

They want to make a "mess" of things as far as we go, from the
beginning of our days. They don't want to mess things up for themselves.
Currently they appear to be able to go on "just fine" without us.
However, we start out from the "beginning" of our days.

Looks like we are "locked in" on both sides of us.

Currently "out around" cannot deal with us as we "consciously" see to be.
Our "lifetimes" ahead are, cultivated existences where we are simply
being "harvested". These lifetimes ahead can be seen as "man-made".

Originally, way back whenever, we are simply had to be, in the firstplace.
Could very well be that we are never to know about being to out there.
We can see that we could want to know easy enough.
Even if it is knowable, it is not knowable, anytime soon.
Currently there are all "kinds" of concepts around. Mostly from beings
that have gone on to see themselves as "creators" of what be.
The ones out our way, these days, have thier roots in "ran from life".
Putting themselves forward as "all about" what be.

This end of things, where we are, appears to be seperated from:
out there further away from here.

However, they appear to be "wobbly" as far as things be go.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One to Another

Got away from the intended topic in the last post.
Am trying again to express it here.

Problems in the World

Are all from ourselves one to the other. Each of us
no doubt does not really have any problem ourselves.
The problems in the world are from one to another.

If everyone is okay from thier own selves where do
we get to be problems to one another? Mostly we
do not see to one another being. We can see to ourselves
being (no matter how we are) but we cannot see to
others being (all the more, if we have it in for them).
We are quite careless when it comes to one another.
We could be quite biased when it comes to ourselves.
Nevertheless we are in the midst of beings around us.

We find ourselves in a world that is away from us.
Lifetimes as far as we go are not as real as they appear.
Lifetimes present, past and future are not "living" worlds.
We are being cultivated and harvested. Unknown what for.
Humans appear to be for productive purposes. We are
used to make things. Other animals cannot do that.
We are used to make things and to do things.
Good chance we were devised to be workers for others.

We live in a world where there is no real sense in us be.
Time immemorial does not show through historically.
Lifetimes are always at "in the beginning" stages.
History of cultures throughout the world all have a
"the way the world began" story. For us to know so by.
Do we "present-day people" have a "how it all began".
Mostly we are steeped in the historical record.
This historical record is probably fabricated. Not real.

How can our very lives be governed from above and
beyond every ping of our way, if this is the beginning?
The established world around adheres to knowing
nothing when it comes to we be and even when it
comes to knowing things to do with one another.
Yet we are effectively herded through our lives here.
We find ourselves stymied all our live long days.

one to another is where we are.

The way the present day world goes on is all in history.
It's all been put together from before we even were.
The customs of the world, that we are steeped in,
go back thousands of years. Back in to the B.C. years.
Yet we adhere to these customs these days still.
Where is "what did they know" back then?
How is it that we are steeped in these customs, today?
How could the Mayans see things to 2012?
How is it that things pertaining to life around us
we can see have already been "conveniently" discovered?

One Another
is what I'm trying to write about.

We are herded away from getting into being from ourselves.
The lifetime has the world around already is how it be.
We are herded into this frame of things. It all dates way back.
Where is such longevity realizable from so long ago?
Chances are we are somehow conditioned to it by "out around".

Early on
we are actively worked into "society" by the way we are
one to another from the beginning of our school days.

We are young children at that time. We know nothing
about everything. Yet we all know one to the other.
So things are to us. To one another. We know nothing.
Yet we all know to one another.

Is the way we are throughout our school years.

The school yard bullies don't make it past grade 8.
They are all older than the rest of the school kids.
They are there to condition us. We are conditioned.
They aren't anywhere as far as thier school work goes.
The criminal element replaces them from grade 9 on.
We are conditioned to the criminal element by them.
Preparing us for the work-a-day world isn't there.
Working us out into society by others around is there.
Most people are just herded along, already ways.
Nobody knows anything but we all know to others.
It's all rigged for whatever few around to be herded.
The ones that don't get herded, are out of thier mind.

"Out around" cultivates us for thier harvest.
They have control over us and want more control.

The established world around controls everything.
Life as it is, is not a living world. They are making
inroads at our very be in the first place.

One to another is guided by people around from
our early years. The people around through our
early years are not far enough ahead of us to be
seen like they are by us. For the most part we're
the same age. We know. Nobody knows. Older
kids around then, know. They know nothing.
For the most part they don't conduct themselves
to anywhere. We are just had by them as the
years go. No doubt they are had by us too.
It's all ran by "out around" established about.

When "out around" can no longer carry on
unimpeded, it's "the end time".

Everything goes off to the next lifetime.
Where there will be a new bunch of youngins.
Where outside seeks to make its' inroads on us be.

Verbal Communication....

The way we communicate one to another.

Everything that comes out from itself communicates somehow.
As far as people go we express ourselves verbally to each other.

Throughout our lives we appear to find it difficult to do.
At times if not more daily as we are. In general we most likely
don't communicate to one another very good. This is actually
by design from "out around" that it be so.

We actually need to be able to communicate to each other
and are pressed to be able to do so as our days go.
Eastablished "out around" does this purposefully.

to ourselves as we go along our way, about things inside of us
and outside of us, goes a long way with ourselves.

Not relating to things ourselves leaves us in the dark.

This isn't all there is to us but it goes a long way in itself.

to one another is pretty-well the way we are to each other.
We all live in our own little world. Something we may not share.
Who knows what any one of us harbours inside?

Established "out around" has it all rigged against us.
Every ping of our way. We come into contact with people
from early on when we start school. At the age of 5.
We react around to one another. "Out around" comes our
way hidden in us all, to one another.

In school where we react around to one another is where
and how we are "worked" into society. After schooling we
are supposed to be in this society when we enter the workplace.
Throughout our school years we are not "knowingly" there
able to do this. We just do. Unknowingly. For "out around".
We are not worked into "society" by being prepared for the
work-a-day world. We are worked into "society" by ourselves.
Unknowingly affecting one another so. We either fit in or
we don't. "Out around" wants us to fit in and live out our
lives to outside of our selves. "Out around" does not want
us to develop about in ourselves and become truer to no one
but ourselves. We are also "undermined" in ourselves by
the holds over ourselves that established around has on us.

Most of us are controlled over by "out around" established about.
The few that aren't are probably being snuck up on. We are
left to ourselves to work things out. There is no outside of us.
Everything is rigged up against us. We don't even know this
is going on. Some of us may know that we don't develope
about in ourselves but most people appear to live out thier
lives as things are without ever really getting into themselves.
This goes on from established around us. This is all geared to
unfold in us by late in our lives. In time for "the end of the world".
We are given the run around all our lives until "out around"
can no longer carry on so. We don't really find it out for ourselves.
"Out around" purely guides us through. Somewhere in ourselves
is how come. It's nothing we have in our favour. Is no use to us.

Established "out around" simply cranks us out to carry on
however it would have after it's done with us. We're not a factor.
"Out around" wants to control us from whatever is there
that we are able to be by, in the first place. "Out around" is
already there in us. We are not there in ourselves. What's
there and we would be, is with "out around". It wants nothing
to do with us. It's all head over heels for "out around". Not us.

The established out around world is above and beyond our
conscious selves. Out around thinks nothing of finding its'
way around us to we are nowhere. We are simply discarded
in the end when "out around" is done with us. All they do is
work us against ourselves. We are the guinea pigs for the
established world of things are anymore. We don't make it
about in ourselves we are done for as an ourself. Even if we
do make it about in ourselves we are left to be nowhere.
What's there in ourselves and we are is useless to our
"conscious" self to exist. Nevertheless it's what we got.
Will one of us ever survive to turn things around?

Currently anyone that is used as a guinea pig by
"out around" is simply discarded when it's "field day"
way with us is over. Now "the end of the world" to boot.
We are labeled paranoid, schizophrenic and megalomaniac.
Chances are these labels are there intentionally for us.
"Head doctors" simply want to take us away from ourselves
and fit us into "the society" around us. They discount us
NOT they deal with us. So we have to go it alone. What there
is to us in we be, is with "out around" away from us.
Undermining us from within. Every of our way. "Out around"
is above and beyond us from before we are born, all the
while we are in a present world of now, and after we are
no longer alive. We are pretty-well shot to be alive and well.
Our conscious selves is what we have left to fight it from.
There may not be too many of us that make it out from the
world around as the lifetimes go. Seems like any one that
does is all at the discretion of "out around" how we do.
There appears to be no real "ourselves" in doing so. Even
though we are ran to such "outcome". It's simply all
"out around" discarding us when we are no longer of any
use as the "guinea pigs", all we ever really were. Nevermind
we are billed as "the great one and onlies". Surely a joke.
The joke is on us that be. "Out around" wants from us.
We are trampled all over by "out around". We do not survive.
"Out around" simply discards us when it's done. When our
"guinea pig" lives are of no more use to "out around".

We do not handle what "out around" unleashes at us
all our days. Where do we survive? Out around discards us
instead. What's there and we be doesn't exist to us anymore.
We do not survive anything. We may only be "conscious"
of the state of things. What there is to us be, is nowhere.
We discarded ones, simply have it in for ourselves.

Is This Life Real or Fabricated....

The only thing that seems to be "real" about this, life as we know it
is those that find themselves "targets" of established "out around".

Established "out around" making advances towards our inner
fabric of existence to be in thier control, is what I see as "real".

Everything else is expected to be an "illusion" of anything is.

We "targeted" ones would be had on up real close as far as the
younger of us go and the older ones would be "encroached" on.

The younger ones are simply to be cranked out all messed up.
Knowingly able to be functional is not to be by "out around".
They want us to be dysfunctional. We can be that way - they say.
That way our functionally able to be - won't be a concern to them.
The younger ones are there in a "current lifetime".

The older ones that go from lifetime to lifetime are actively being
encroached upon. The older ones appear to be at a loss to handle
things from above and beyond all over about stuff. "Out around"
wants to be in positions of to do with us be, in the first place.
That way they can "suck" up into above and beyond they be.
They don't want to have anything to do with we be, except to be
seen for it, so they can pull it all out from under us and as a
result, we would be out of luck to manage to be ourselves.
Chances are we are stacked against anyway. We would be stacked
against all the more. Man-made ways. Not just natural ways.

The World Around
appears to be a "fabrication" of what life is. This is suppose to
reel us in and be so much for us. They have "we be" in thier
control. The younger ones in the current lifetimes along the
way, for the most part, lose out to them. Few survive or
more accurately - are left behind as survivors. We may not
have much of anything to do with it. "Out around" simply
can't get a more "desirable" result. So we are left behind.
Billed as "great things" to be. Not likely really so, though.

What we have in our favour is "out around" cannot handle
"live on the fly". They don't have to, from above and beyond.
They just "suck" us up into, whatever all over us be would be.
Our roots in being ARE well ploughed under.

Life Around
is what we younger ones ARE to be affected by. They want
to turn us out "dysfunctionally" able to be. They want us
to be "wasted" in being. Is the way they say we can be.

They want to encroach upon the older ones around. These
older ones are at a loss to handle things. These older ones
are "old hands" at going from one lifetime to the next.
There's a good chance these "older ones" are not looking
at being able to maintain things for themselves.
There's a good chance "out around" is tripping them up.

Original concept of "existing" has it at: we either manage to
or we go extinct failing to. Looks like we are headed for
extinction. Out around will continue to be until it is no more.
Extinct. Everything will live out however anything is until
it's all gone. Extinct.

Looks like we are "currently" heavily into "man-made"
artificial existence. We simply don't support ourselves to be.
We exist along the lines of "self-exist". We do not have it
well in hand anymore. We are "undermined" from within.
Outside "foreign" interests are in control of us.
Riddled throughout us to we are nowhere. Whatever to do
with us be "naturally" is well ploughed under.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Left to Conclude:

According to the things mentioned in earlier posts: self-existence is
heavily played on by "out around". Those of us around singled out
by established around get it played to no wits end. Looks like our
individual selves have no before and everything is to be since us.

How is it we can be so helpless and hapless as this stuff goes on
and we are to be so much. Could it be that "what-all" we are to be
isn't really anything we have up front to carry on and become so by.

Looks like the "established around" from above and beyond is all
over us from before we even are and all the while as we are.
We can see the world around is nothing but "unfolding" like where
this stuff comes from wants it to.

What goes on with us comes to an end when "out around" can no
longer keep activating us to whatever preconceived concept it has
for us to be conditioned to. Supposedly we have our own thoughts
on everything and that is the way things are with us.

There is no anything us through it all. We are always differented.
There is no as we go on. Anything and everything else is what is.
Our "live as we be" is nothing but "pung" along to arounds' wants.

Outright at the end of all that has gone on throughout the years,
where we take it from here, we have it "in" for ourselves.

Is "out around" losing out to us because of the thoughts of things
and so we come into our own OR is "out around" not losing out.
We are simply "walked all over" by what has gone on with us.
Our "great" able to be is nothing but "nowhere" as we've been.

Is it because of ourselves that we can no longer be carried on with
by "established around" or is it them that can't continue to tell
things to us so.

Through it all we are "over-ridden" so as "what they say" turns out
to be simply them - playing forward like a tape recorded message.
When thier "pre-recorded" message can no longer "ping" us to
the noise of it all - it all comes to an end. " the end time"

The active pinging around that goes on inside our heads is mainly
"foo fah fee fih" as far as "saying anything" goes.
The only where anything of note gets said - is out of ourselves.
We see this as ourselves. All the while ourselves aren't anywhere.
Whatever it is, it just sits there sputtering us out to nonsense.
There is no "intentions" of getting on with anything by it at all.
We are simply not wanted to be. We simply don't do anything to be.
What's there and we be, simply isn't anywhere.

At the end of it all > there is nothing to us and we have it in for us.

Is "out around" really losing out to us OR is it just the way we see it.
We are "wanted" to see it that way?
We can see carrying on from ourselves the way we are turned out.
What do we have to do with it?
Are we not just "aimlessly" cranked out from it all?

We are supposed to manage from ourselves as we go about being,
every of our way. This is what we don't do - all our lives.
Here at the end of it all - it's what we will be doing - evermore???

The only thing "really" going on is, "out around". They are simply
all over everthing being to no wits end. They simply aren't able
to find thier way through us further and dump us. Off they go to
the next lifetime to find thier way through still. Looks like the
ones left behind from this lifetime are headed "nowhere".

There isn't anything through it all that we are managing by or as.
We are simply "kept going" until they can no longer keep us so.
When they can't keep us going - lo behold - it's "the end time".
They go off to the next "lifetime" unimpeded. We're left behind.
Will "we" really be left with the riches of the world?
Or will the world be left in "waste"?
There is nothing in it for us all the while. We aren't any where.
We prevail "supposedly" because of our higer-minded thoughts.
All we are is "spewed" about.

Chances are "out around" has it all over us. Our great thoughts
from it all, not likely anywhere. Most likely we are duped.

Supposedly "out around" can't "tell" it to us.
However, they don't want to tell it to us. Nevermind they do
nothing but say so through it all - even to us by ourselves.
They do nothing but "run circles around us" to the outcome.

They crawl us around every which way but lose.
We are this, that - they are in for it now: we are nowhere.
There is nothing to us. They carry on until they no longer can.
There is no anything us about it.
We simply manage on our own - every of our way -
there is nothing there to see that we can by.
Is quite likely that we cannot support ourselves to be, inside.

What's there and we can - simply isn't anywhere in it all.

There is nothing there but "blah-blah" of it all that we can see.
There is no presence to any of it. It's all in our head.
Every of our way is nothing but put aside. We aren't anywhere.
One day we will has to be pretense.

There is no outside of us. Already been so far -
does not have us in good stead. We're heavy on not managing.
All of a sudden it's different at the very end of this lifetime.
We've made it to the end of this lifetime and have survived.
We never survived anything through it all. We were done with.
It has always been too much for us to handle.

They have always kept us going. Always after we are done with.
They keep us going.
They keep us going until they no longer can.
Because of us - is what they would have us think.
Most likely it's because of them.
Chances are - they - are just dumping us.
We are not survivors of anything. They don't have we are.

We have simply been trashed about until they no longer can.
All by themselves. No us in their way about it.
It's all them. We simply are not in thier way through it all.
Unlikely we are in thier way at the end - where we are left.
They are simply done with us.
We do not represent a great change in it all to them.

We haven't changed anything.
We haven't done anything. Nor accomplished anything.
We are not anything in thier way.
There isn't anything to us.
They are simply done with us.
It no longer "suits" them to carry on.

We see things somehow. We see supporting ourselves.
They just want us to see it that way. We not likely are.